Do you love to play with wires and machines in your spare time?
Do you have a passion for tearing apart and rebuilding gadgets and machinery in your home?
Are you simply keen to work with your hands and serve the people with the help of technology?

No Matter What Drives You, If You Are Looking For Employment Within The HVAC Industry, You Have Come To The Right Place!

Our Team at Dave Hartzell’s Heat & Air LLC

Dave Hartzell’s Heat & Air LLC believes in hiring talents, gifted, and skilled individuals who can excel at their jobs and provide high quality satisfaction to our clients. Our team is built up of experienced professionals who are all eager to get started on their next new project.

When looking for employment, remember that working within the industry that you love will make you a dedicated and valued member of your team. Thus, give your passion and creativity the free rein that is needed to leverage your skills for a career opportunity, and become a technician with our company.

At Dave Hartzell’s Heat & Air LLC, Your Passion Is The Key To Driving You Forward Towards A Prosperous Career In The HVAC Industry!

Serving Kingfisher and Blaine County since the last 32 years, we aim to make the most of people’s talents by hiring them and keeping them within our company. Having a family owned business, we are locally based, and on good terms with most of our clients, resulting in a friendly yet professional work environment where quality is of the utmost importance.

Satisfying The Customers Is Our Goal, And For That, We Work Hard And Fast, Aiming For Properly Performed Repairs In The Least Amount Of Time Possible!

At Dave Hartzell’s Heat & Air LLC, you will get the chance to improve your skills further by learning skills from the experts, while also attaining firsthand field experience for your own. As a small firm, we are always happy an eager to welcome new members to our team.

Our Employment Opportunity

Working as a technician is ideal for those who are looking for something more than just a job, so motivated, skilled, determined, dedicated, and passionate individuals are encouraged to apply to at Dave Hartzell’s Heat & Air LLC, to begin their successful journey in this rewarding and growing field.

We Offer Competitive Salary Packages, Personal As Well As Professional Growth, And A Complete Package Of Benefits Along With The Position, So If You Are Interested, Contact Us Now!

If you want to know more about our employment opportunity, simply call us at (580)-334-2814, where our customer representatives will be happy to provide you with the relevant details.

Act Now! Don’t Let This Promising Opportunity Pass You By!