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Looking for an environment friendly alternative to your HVAC system?

Dave Hartzell’s Heat & Air LLC Specializes In The Installation, Repair, And Maintenance Of Geo Thermal Heating And Cooling Systems; Providing You With A Greener Home Or Commercial Establishment!

What Is A Geo Thermal System?

A geo thermal or ground source heat pump is a unit that is used to centrally heat or cool your home by using heat or cold from any source.

In most cases, the source is the earth’s surface that has been heated up or cooled down in the summers and winters respectively. In the winter season, the heat that is trapped beneath the ground due to the sun is used to heat up your structure’s interior, while in the summer, the heat from the interior or your living space or workspace is driven back underground, making it cooler.

The earth is always at a moderate temperature beneath its surface and this temperature is basically transferred to your interior with the help of a geo thermal system. These geo thermal pumps may be used for both, heating and cooling, but some of them are specially equipped for only one task, depending upon the seasonal and climatic factors of your local area.

Why Should You Opt For A Geo Thermal Solution?

Although a geo thermal system may cost you a little more when the initial installation is being performed, but with the resultant energy savings, the cost is more than covered in the long run. Most geo thermal systems last around 25 years, and as they utilize less energy, you are able to save money on utility bills.

Additionally, geo thermal is one of the most sustainable ways of making energy and thus, installing our system will provide you with a greener and more eco friendly location.

Saving Your Money, The Planet’s Environment, As Well As Your Time, We Can Provide You With Quick And Efficient Installation Of A New Geo Thermal System; So Give Us A Call Today!

Our Geo Thermal Services

At Dave Hartzell’s Heat & Air LLC, geo thermal systems are our specialty, where we use a simple and effectively designed unit to provide your home and office with comfortable temperatures. Lasting for up to 25 years, geo thermal systems are like a one-time investment with amazing returns. However, the long life of the system is entirely dependent upon regular maintenance and service.

This is why we will also be sure to provide you with a scheduled maintenance plan after the installation, that will inform you beforehand about the arrival of our technicians, and our team will ensure that your geo thermal pumps are working at optimum levels to provide you with the best of heating and cooling for your interiors.

So Call Us Now And Install A Geo Thermal System For Your Heating And Cooling