What is a Trane comfort specialist?

Trane dealers are loyal and train to keep up to date on Trane’s latest technology. This ensures that they all utilize systems that are designed to achieve maximum reliability, efficiency, accuracy and optimized comfort. It is expected that a Trane Comfort Specialist to have a NATE technicians certificate. Major organizations that provide a NATE coalition for Trane Comfort Specialist include the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the American Society of Heating, and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers. 

It can be quite challenging to sort through all of these qualifications, recommendations, and credentials needed to attain the right level. The acquired certification helps to promote and influence a specialist’s education and extensive employee training. A Trane Comfort Specialist wears a badge on the uniform, which allows you to confirm the level of independence and the most committed, highest-standing dealer. Achieving designation as a Trane Comfort Specialist is a significant hallmark of an independent Trane dealer who must provide excellent, satisfactory services. 

A Trane Comfort Specialist (TCS) is an independent Trane dealer that is committed to delivering the best, top-notch services, installation, customer satisfaction, and employee training programs. Independent Trane dealers are of the highest standing in almost every aspect of their business. Each dealer is qualified to be a Trane Comfort specialist. However, the dealers that meet the requirements of Trane's stringent standards — and can also showcase a high level of commitment to satisfy customers and continuing education — are the ones qualified to be a specialist. 


Mr. Hartzell is extremely friendly and has given us great service. A good friend recommended his company, and now I see why. I’ll be using this company for any future HVAC issues.


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Why Is A Trane Comfort Specialist Important To You, The Homeowner? 

It is essential for households to utilize Trane Comfort Specialists because they provide exceptional service and unrivalled customer supports. The labor performed by the specialist is always done with extreme care and precision. A Trane Comfort Specialist directly offers the industry standard on all forms of upgrades and installation processes. Trane Specialists are consistently updating their household customers about newly launched equipment, optimal levels of comfort, and the means to ensure that customers are never spending more money than necessary to heat or cool their homes. 

Another benefit of a Trane Comfort Specialist is that they directly help to provide systems that can be easily adjustable. This allows households to feel comfortable and keep their humidity levels in their homes at a cost-effective level. If at any point a household might need assistance, the Trane Comfort Specialist is always available to rectify the issue. 

The Trane Comfort Specialist companies have liability insurance in case of the unexpected. In some particular circumstances, Trane Comfort Specialist dealers can have the capacity to claim parts beyond the basic ten-year warranty. Trane Comfort Specialists ensures 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Even after a year, if the unit is still not on a satisfactory level, they can ensure the household customers get back a full refund. That is how effective and trustworthy a TCS operates.

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Risk Free 6 Month labor Guarantee

It’s simple. A complete 6 month labor guarantee. Spelled out that simply means if you have a breakdown (I doubt that you will) within six months from the date of your tune-up you will not be charged a single penny for labor. This leaves all the risk on us and absolutely none for you. You can’t beat a deal like this

Why choose Dave Hartzell's Heat & Air?

Dave Hartzell and his team provide residential and commercial heating and cooling services throughout Kingfisher, Blaine, Major, Canadian, Garfield, and Logan county all backed by our exclusive, risk free, 6 month labor guarantee.

With more than 30 years of experience in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning field, Dave can install and service all models and makes providing you with the freedom to choose your preferred brand. If you don't have a preference, simply ask Dave to guide you through your decision process. Dave and his team can also conduct air quality checks, and scheduled maintenance inspections in order to provide you with a perfectly functioning HVAC system all year round.

Dave Hartzell and his team providing residential heating and cooling services

Mr. Hartzell came in identified the issue and took care of it. He didn't waste my time or his. He's a first class serviceman.


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