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Hartzell Heat & Air has over 38 years of experience designing and installing HVAC systems while working hard to help preserve the environment and minimize our carbon footprint. We are proud to now offer specialized HVAC systems for optimum cannabis cultivation. Our HVAC systems, designed especially for grow houses, help cannabis producers solve common issues when opening and operating a cultivation facility. We are fully equipped to handle the rapidly increasing rate of the budding legal cannabis industry. 

Risk Free 6 Month labor Guarantee

It’s simple. A complete 6 month labor guarantee. Spelled out that simply means if you have a breakdown (I doubt that you will) within six months from the date of your tune-up you will not be charged a single penny for labor. This leaves all the risk on us and absolutely none for you. You can’t beat a deal like this

Specialized HVAC Systems For Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis is extremely sensitive to climate change, so climate control is critical to growing the crop successfully. Purchasing an HVAC system for your grow room is the easiest and most efficient way to ensure you can match the climate to the plant’s needs. 

Temperature & Humidity Control 

Depending on your specific crop or strain, the ideal temperature can vary. A HVAC system allows growers to manually adjust the temperature and humidity range in the grow house. Not all HVAC systems are equipped to handle the delicate nature of the cannabis plant. Traditional HVAC systems can dry out the crop. Trust Hartzell Heat & Air to install your specialized HVAC system for commercially growing cannabis indoors. 

hvac systems for cannabis in okc

Dave was efficient and very nice and knowledgeable! We will definitely be using Hartzell’s in the future and appreciate his fast response and his up to date technology through text updates. Awesome job!


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How Do We Lower Energy Consumption? 

Part of our initiative to be an environmentally friendly company is limiting energy consumption. That’s why we are proud to have partnered with Easy Roots, who offer more eco-friendly HVAC systems fully customized for growing conditions. Easy Roots provide alternative high-efficiency VRF and solar types of systems. Their unique Easy Roots Climate Control includes the EasySun System for optimal control in warmer climates, and the EasyCool System, which is available for anyone growing cannabis in colder climates. Having both options allows cultivators to have a better sense of control over their grow room. The Easy Roots HVAC systems use solar panels to help lower energy costs and reduce energy usage. 

Our Full-Service HVAC Systems

We fully understand the complexity of each room of your grow operation. Each room has a different purpose. We are here to help keep the climate conditions in your grow and bloom rooms regulated. Our HVAC systems maintain your desired level of humidity, temperature, and airflow in all production rooms. Using a specialized HVAC system will prevent hot or cold spots and keep molds and mildews at bay. Our team of qualified professionals is on hand to deliver, install, and service your specialized HVAC cannabis systems. 

Better Business Bureau

The BBB ensures that high standards for trust are set and maintained. Only businesses that meet and exceed the BBB standards receive accreditation. Hartzell's Heat & Air are proud to be an accredited business

Why choose Dave Hartzell's Heat & Air?

Dave Hartzell and his team provide residential and commercial heating and cooling services throughout Kingfisher, Blaine, Major, Canadian, Garfield, and Logan county all backed by our exclusive, risk free, 6 month labor guarantee.

With more than 30 years experience in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning field, Dave can install and service all models and makes providing you with the freedom to choose your preferred brand. If you don't have a preference, simply ask Dave to guide you through your decision process. Dave and his team can also conduct air quality checks, and scheduled maintenance inspections in order to provide you with a perfectly functioning HVAC system all year round.

Dave Hartzell and his team providing residential heating and cooling services

We're proud to be a member of the OSU Alumni Association as well as the Kingfisher Chamber of Commerce


Dave is the best. He is the most knowledgeable in his industry that I’ve found so far. I don’t have to worry about his prices or recommendations on what needs to be fixed because he’s always fair and honest. Highly recommend!


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$2 Million in Liability Insurance

We protect you and your business with up to $2 million in liability insurance. We also carry worker's compensation. You have nothing to worry about, you're dealing with true professionals

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